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  • Ready to be Excited To Look in the mirror again?

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Ready to be Excited To Look in the mirror again?

Look & Feel Your Best #Unapologetically40Plus BUY NOW

I'm Jacqueline Jase.

Have you ever said...

I have a bathroom full of beauty products I don’t use.

I have no idea what skin care will actually work.

I am so confused about the beauty treatments my friends were talking about.

I am overwhelmed by the number of skin care products out there.

I have no idea what product ingredients actually do.

I am not sure where to find products for my skin.

What Clients Have to Say...

"My skin looks INCREDIBLE today! I don’t know what you did different, but please keep doing it!  The dark circles under my eyes even look better. My skin is rockin'!"

Debbie O.

"WOW! The “new psychedelic” facial technique – my skin is tighter and looks so much better. I’m all for the new technology."

Julia H.

"The treatments have given me the best skin of my life! My skin looks and feels moisturized. Age lines, especially around the eyes, have disappeared.  I love the products!"

Jen K.

The 40Plus Focus Solution:

Step 1: Let's DISCOVER

Let's find out what works for you. What are your goals? These are just some questions we will discuss as we learn all about YOU! 

Step 2: Let's DEVELOP

What tools do we have? What works and what does not? We will develop that customized plan just to meet your skin care goals

Step 3: Let's DO this

Nothing gets results like taking ACTION! Your And for the record, this is where the fun really happens! 

Get Ready!

Client Results - Before & After

Minimize Fine Lines and Wrinkles

Dramatic change in the eye area

Reduce Dark Spots

Fades forehead dark spot

Increased Hydration

Plumped and Hydrated (Can you guess who this is?)

Calms Redness

Sensitive skin conditions benefits from calming

The Jacqueline Jase Difference

Most Women Over 40 struggle with aging.

Looking and Feeling Your Best Is Possible.

Are you ready to get excited to look in the mirror?